Foam Supplies in Buffalo, New York

Since 1985, Colonial Foam has provided high-end high density foam services to restore the quality of your cushions!

Furniture quality has changed in recent years, and before you know it, you are replacing the cushions of your chairs and couches with new ones again. Since 1985, Colonial Foam has provided high-end high density foam services to restore the quality of your cushions.

Foam Cushion Refills & Custom Cut Foam

For maximum comfort, you need high-quality high density foam for the cushions on your couch, chairs, mattresses and other items. In addition to home use, our foam is perfect for chiropractors and doctors in need of medical wedges and other high-density foam cushions. We replace and refill foam for your residential, commercial, and recreational needs. For example: sofa cushions, chair cushions, boat cushions, camper cushions, lawn furniture cushions. We cut foam mattress sizes, medical wedges, packaging foam. If you have the need for foam we can supply it.

First, give us the general size of the cushion you need filling, and we will give you an estimate. After you bring us the cushion we will measure the specific size of necessary foam, cut it to the correct size, and fill it for you quickly.

Other Supplies

No matter what your foam needs are, we have got you covered. Our inventory includes 55-gallon bags of foam pieces used for packing crates and boxes. We also provide shredded foams for those who wish to stuff pillows, and dark-colored foam that is often used for cases. If you need any laminate upholstery supplies, we carry:

  • Welt Cord
  • Spray Glue
  • Cotton
  • Fiber Board
  • Mattress Toppers – Foam and Fiber Pillow Tops Available
  • 12 oz bags of fiberloft, (lose synthetic cotton, great for pillows, etc.)
  • Replacement dog bed inserts
  • Medical foam bed wedges
  • Foam knee support
  • Foam back support
  • After back and hip surgery Extra Firm No Movement Placement Cushions

Contact us today, in Buffalo, New York, for more information about our customized options for replacing the foam in your cushions.


Cheaper Than Buying A New…

Sofa – Chair – Boat – etc…


Large Upholstery Vinyl Selection

Couch Cushion Foam Replacement

We will remove your old cushion foam and replace it with one of our high density foam options.

Large Upholstery Vinyl Selection

Back Cushion Foam Replacement

We can replace the filling in most back cushions with foam, when
there is an adequate zipper.

Large Upholstery Vinyl Selection

Medical, Sleep Aid, Foam Comfort Wedges

We have many different styles and purpose pre-cut wedges.

Large Upholstery Vinyl Selection

Gel Simulate Foam Mattress Topper

Add a luxurious mix of softness, low density support and comfort to any mattress.

Large Upholstery Vinyl Selection

Sew Foam

Sew Foam is available in two different thicknesses. We offer this product in a ¼ inch, or ½ inch thickness.

Large Upholstery Vinyl Selection

Boat Cushion Replacement Foam

Custom cut and beveled boat cushion replacement foam.

Large Upholstery Vinyl Selection

Remnant Bags of Foam, Foam Sheets,
and Remnant Bin

We offer a large selection of remnant foam pieces and remnant sheets.

Large Upholstery Vinyl Selection

Shredded Foam

Shredded foam is sold per pound.

Please Call For Pricing Or Ordering Option